13th June 2019

3D garden design transformation Devon

A 3D Garden Transformation

To see where you are going from in a landscape of mud and weeds to a wow moment where you can visually grasp what it might look like is a great feeling.  To create something really special then visualise it using wonderful software tools is now going to be the norm, which is great for the Client.  They get to see every aspect and move around, where as before it was difficult to see in a 2D landscape drawing what exactly was where and how it would actually end up.

Technology is amazing and now we can do things that before where either too expensive or just not conceivable.  Its amazing where garden design to interior design are going, technology is now available to live what is not yet!

I have put it to the test and the results are fantastic.  You get a real sense of space and understand how materials do or do not work together.  How integral parts of a building lead and dictate the layout for the garden leading to a well balanced proportioned garden.  What will work and what wont!

I design on paper to get a sense of flow and feel for the property then everything goes onto Cad (computed aided design) so it can all stand up and come to life!

Going from 2D to 3D is something really special and is only going to get better.


So this month we have designed a ‘Modern Garden by the Sea’, situated along the banks of a Devon village overlooking the River Teign and out to sea.  The property is a Modern New build with a plot spanning many levels and something which has huge potential.  Planting Plans are in progress but it is more about getting the structure right, the balance between horizontals and verticals so everything is in proportion.  Then the planting can be added which gives it more of a life like feel.  Presentation from pastels to line drawings gives it a real alive feeling on the 3D sketches.

Then something really amazing is to use points on the scheme to visualise it in 3D but be able to see in all directions and move 360 degrees.

Something really special click here to see –  From a Birds Eye!