3rd November 2018

De-Stress & Energy Tea


Theres nothing quite like a peaceful moment to catch your breath, breath in some wonderful aromas and just stop to enjoy a wonderful cup of tea.

I think as it gets closer to December with Christmas looming and work staking up, things feel a little crazy at times so my treat is the De-Stress Tea or my Energy Tea depending on whats going on.  So have a go its easy and delicious at the same time.

De-Stress Tea

Collect yourself from the garden if able fresh herbs – Lemon Verbena a good hand full and the same quantity of Mint leaves.  Place in a tea pot of boiled water then allow your herbs to steep for at least 5mins if not longer to get the full benefit. Or if dried combine equal parts of Lemon Verbena and Mint then add 1 tsp/cup of the mix to the hot water and let infuse.  (Dried herbs are more concentrated, so you wont need to use as much)

You can also add a teaspoon of orange blossom honey if a little sweetness is required which will also be soothing on the throat.  Camomile is another ingredient which can be added for its qualities in aiding digestion and sleep.

Energy Tea

Collect Lemon Grass and mix with in equal quantities with Spearmint and Rosemary.  Then add to a pot of boiled water leaving to infuse as above. or add 1 teaspoon/cup of combined equal parts of the dried ingredients to the hot water and is great for getting you going on these dark mornings.

Lemon grass is know to uplift and revive and Rosemary to focus concentration and memory


Lemon Verb & Mint Tea