1st December 2017

December in the Garden

December in the Garden and hopefully there isn’t much left to do, but if you have a moment in amongst the wild excitement of Christmas, and present buying, there are a few jobs that you could do!  But what better way to do it, than beside a fire with a hot mug of tea and a seed booklet or a chance to plan your dream garden!!


Take hardwood cuttings.

Plant Bare- Root trees and hedging now and up until the last frost.

Plant Hellebores, all varieties.  These are stunning plants and will last through the winter months but old leaves need removing as they are prone to a Black Spot Disease called – ‘Hellebore leafspot’.  These need removing and burning.

Continue weeding and adding mulch.

Protect tender plants, stake, cover with horticultural fleece or store in a cold frame anything that might not survive the winter.

Continue raking leaves and sweeping clear the path now adorned with Christmas lights which leads you to an eye catching beautiful Hand Made Christmas Wreath.

This seasons Christmas Wreath Workshops will delight and get you in the festive spirit, with Mince pies, coffee and plenty of help given for you to take home one of our wonderful Traditional Wreaths, Herbs and Chillies Wreath or Wonderful Grey & White Winter Wonderland Wreath.  Click here for more information or place a wreath order which will be sent to your home ready for Christmas.https://www.verbenalandscapes.co.uk/courses/

dec blog white wreathdec blog herb wreathdec blog chilli wreath

Or Plan your Christmas theme from Table Decorations to Fireplace Garlands, with lots of ideas and inspiration to help you adorn your house and dinning table, we have courses to suit everyone!

dec blog table decdec blog table dec 3dec blog tabledec2

Or Give a Living Gift –  A beautiful cyclym in a pot, a bow and a Christmas message.. check out the video on how to make this wonderful gift …..



dec blog sprouts

The brussell sprouts are ready for Christmas and any remaining root crops in the garden can be harvested.  Kale is still going strong which is great for smoothies and something a little different – try our ‘Kale Pesto’ in next months blog.

Add well rotted organic matter and either leave as per the ‘No Dig’ method or if your soil is heavy – then dig a spit which is a ‘spade depth’ and turn the soil over for the winter frost to break it down, adding manure as you go.  This will definitely keep you warm and equates to a mince pie or two!!


I have left all the grasses and most perennials in place  in the garden as the seed heads from both catch the golden low light and everything glows which is magical when everything else is looking a bit drab.  Most leaves have gone but there is however flower buds appearing on the winter cherry “prunus autumnalis’, and the odd daffodil head appearing, so all is not lost.

Helleborus Orientalis – ‘purpurascens’– or any species of the helleborus family are a great winter addition to any garden.  These plants flower over winter and come in various flower colours, they prefer shade but are pretty tough growing to 45cm tall.

dec blog helleborus

Witch Hazel – ‘hamamelis x intermedia ‘Vezna’.  – The fragrance and colour is stunning in winter and if placed in a pot not far from the door is a real treat. They grow in full sun and will tolerate some shade and will grow to 4meters.

dec blog witchazel

Christmas Box – ‘Sacrococa humilis’  these plants are evergreen and have a great scent.  They can be grown in partial shade/shade and are relatively tough.  They will grow 30-50cm.

dec blog christmas box

Chillies -All varieties and they are wonderful for warm, hearty stews and they say out of 5 households there will be at least 1 plant growing on a windowsill so now is the time to harvest and make a wonderful ‘Chilli Chutney’.   Check out this months recipe!

dec blog chillies

Keep or give away plus check out our other Christmas Goodies Course from Chutneys to Perserved Lemons! and a Merry Christmas sloe Gin!!  Or for something really special check out          ‘How to Preserve a Husband’!!!!