3rd September 2018

Elderberry Cold Busting Syrup


This is a very special concoction which is just lush as well as being really good for you.  It supports your immune system deterring pesky colds and coughs and just tastes great.

So as a warm drink smells and tastes like a cross between Christmas and Autumn.

You will need:

 – A Large amount of ripe Elderberries

 – Muscovado sugar

 – Cinnamon stick

 – Cloves 

 – Slices of Lemon

 – Sterilised bottles


Place the ripe elderberries into a large saucepan with half their volumn of water.

Simmer and stir for 20mins (do not boil)

Then strain and squeeze out the juice using a jelly bag or fruit press.

Measure the juice – for every 500mls add 250gm of muscovado sugar, a cinnamon stick, a few cloves and a few slices of Lemon.

Simmer for 20mins then strain and pour whilst hot into sterilised bottles.

keep refrigerated.

Can be taken neat x4 per day or dilute to make a delicious hot drink.

(Rosehips, blackberries, and hawthorn berries can also be added if insufficient elderberries can be gathered or for something a little special)

Elderberrieseld berry syrupEld berry