12th February 2018

February – Healthy Fruit Rings

February, Healthy Fruit Rings is a sneaky but healthy natural snack so this is the month I try and be healthy, as January didn’t work so February here we come no more chocolate or should I just say ‘less sugar and chocolate’.  So try these little gems, they are delicious and a good healthy snack on the go, and great for kids.  They are also naturally sweet!

Apple & Pear Rings

you will need –

x1 bag of Apples (grannysmiths or any cheap bag/leftovers in the fruit bowl)

x1 bag of Pears

cinnamon is optional

  1. Scrub the fruit to remove all dirt
  2. Remove the core from the apples either with a ‘Apple corer’ or cut out core from above.  Pear cores are left insitu.
  3. Finely slice the apples and pears and lay out on baking trays lined with baking parchment. (don’t worry if overlapping)
  4. Cinnamon can be sprinkled carefully over the fruit if you like it.
  5.  Place in the oven at 70’C for 3hrs or leave for longer depending on how crunchy you like your fruit rings.  They can be turned over halfway.
  6. Seal in an airtight container and enjoy.