17th April 2020




I believe being is your garden at this time is especially beneficial.  To plant a small container of living green things can put a smile on your face in the middle of all this madness.  So whether you have a big or small garden a park or a hanging basket this can offer a sense of calm.

In light of the governments advice we will continue to operate in a safe manner to protect clients and everyone involved in the design process.   We have tailored our Consultancy service to make this work for everyone.

We can offer a full range of Garden Design options and a Planting Design Service.

  • Please ring us to discuss your requirements and then we can send out quick questionnaire.  Detail is really important so add as much as possible.  Images and even a video would be great, then a rough measurement of your garden or boarder is required.  I will send you some top tips on how to do this or if within 30mins we can arrange a visit to survey your garden.
  • We will remotely contact you and work through the design process so once restrictions are lifted you will be in a great position to start getting quotes in and building your garden.
  • Planting Packages and very achievable as wholesale nurseries are still operating so we are able to source and supply plants.
  • Using the photos and drawings we can design a planting scheme to suit, then have the plants delivered.
  • Our Planting team can come in if we can access your garden and will follow the social distancing guidelines or we can produced a planting plan for you to plant yourself.

At the end of the day completing a questionnaire about your garden and drawing up a plan is actually quite fun and will definitely be rewarding.  In the long run you will know more about how your garden works and what grows.

The RHS is actively promoting ‘Growing a garden for wellbeing’  which out lines all the beneficial effects of gardening through the connection with plants  and the environment it can promote wellbeing, improve quality of life, sense of achievement and community belonging.

With this pandemic it will create a very low point in peoples lives and gardening might be a good way to look forward and see a positive future and build or grow something new, something to celebrate.

Along with a good cardio vascular workout, improve Vitamin D levels from sunlight and a general improvement in overall health from exposure to green spaces.   I think it feeds the soul and I love watching and being in nature

So get out and create something beautiful, design a new area in your garden which is beautiful.  Engage all the senses from herbs to climbers with delicious scents.  Bring Nature into your garden from starting with a wild flower meadow to building  a bug house, so get digging and see the results of your efforts grow.

Gardening is building blocks for well being – a ‘Green Prescription’ .

Thrive.org.uk is a great charity for providing ‘Social and Therapeutic Horticulture’ as it uses gardening to change the lives of those living with disability, ill health, isolated or disadvantaged people.

But I think this might be all of us at the moment so let’s support each other and Thrive.

I also found this little bit of research from NZ –

This research, from New Zealand, examines how having a living plant in an office can boost mood and productivity.  It also examines whether this boost in mood and productivity can be achieved by putting an artificial plant in an office, rather than a real one.  It is no surprise to us here at Project Nurture that, not only did the addition of a real plant boost mood and productivity, compared to having nothing in the office, but that having an artificial plant in facts appears to reduce mood and productivity, compared to having nothing in the office.  Listen up all managers and employers!  (interestingly, this research also examined the effect of real and artificial fish also, and found similar results.  So, if you want to get the most out of your workday, add both a real plant and a real fish tank)