1st May 2018


Marvellous May Gardening Tips.  This is a wonderful month where everything in the garden looks great,  everything looks neat and tidy with glorious green mounds of potential showing signs of what truly is about to explode in the coming months.

The cherry blossoms are at their best but are short lived, but I do have my favourites –  The white flowering ‘Prunus Umineko’ is great, closely followed by ‘Prunus x Yedoensis’ with pale pink/white flowers.  If you want something truly big and impressive, there is the Great White Cheery, ‘Prunus Tai-haku with dazzling white flowers.  Or if more flamboyance is required but not too big try ‘Prunus Kanzan’.

Prunus UminekoPrunus x YedoensisPrunus Kanzan

This is also the month where you need a close eye out for slugs, snails and other horrid bugs as well as late frosts.  But I have done most of the hard work, I have invested in the soil by mulching and manuring and coving in straw so now its ready for the nice parts of gardening.

I am planning a new wild shady garden and experimenting with form in between a hectic mad dash to complete many planting and Garden Design projects before it really gets too hot!


  • Regular tying in/twining around supports for climbers such as clematis and honeysuckles
  • Plant supports are in place for the likes of peonies and sweetpeas
  • Prune out ‘frost damage’ on affected evergreen shrubs
  • Clip Evergreen hedges
  • Cut back tender penstomes now as I have left last yrs growth on so I can locate them and it also protects them from frost
  • Water pots and newly planted trees/hedging
  • I liquid feed with ‘Comfrey Liquid fertiliser’ all pots now as well as Box hedging and any new trees/hedging
  • You can take soft wood cuttings of decidious shrubs and climbers
  • Check for Box blight this month and feed with a liquid fertiliser


  • Keep at least 1 meter weed free ground around new or young fruit trees, I tend to mulch and use hessian sacking which also prevents my husband from whipping the stems with the strimmer…
  • Place Codling moth traps in the fruit trees
  • On Apple and Plum trees look out for and destroy the Codling moth larvae which sit around the fruiting spurs and are pale 15mm in length
  • Gooseberry sawflies are also busy laying eggs this month on the back of leaves so watch out for the caterpillars which initially leave tiny pin pick holes then devour all the leaves


Beetroot seedlings 150x150Sweetpea seedlings

  • Directly sow seeds into their allocated spot in the veg plot towards the end of the month as the soil has warmed up
  • Harden off most seedling over 7-14 days ready for planting outside for the end of May
  • Hoe boarders to prevent weeds from seeding
  • Help aphid eating Insects such as Ladybirds/Lacewings and Hover flies by planting plants such as Limnanthus douglasii (poached egg plant) or fennel

Limnanthes douglasii - poach egg plant

Stinging nettle & wild garlic

Maybe at the end of the day a good hand cream is just what you need or something for aching joints!!