21st June 2017

August jobs

August is a fantastic time of year when you reap the rewards of all your hard work. It all pays off as you feast on the bounty from your garden. Pea soups, raspberry jam, sizzling stirfrys and glorious beans, beans and beans…



  1. Perennials need deadheading
  2. Geraniums need cutting back to encourage another display of flowers
  3. Trim back Lavender to prevent the leggy look
  4. Stake Echinacea and Rudbeckias before wind knocks them over
  5. Prune Wisteria by removing all the whippy side shoots to main frame work
  6. Decide where the gaps are or where a colour injection is needed in the boarder, add a bamboo cane or make a note for later work.
  7. Now is a good time to plant new perennials so they can establish themselves for next year.
  8. Last opportunity to plant seeds – lambs lettuce, spinach, chard and beetroot.
  9. Sow hardy herbs like parsley
  10. Cut back any bronze or green fennel or deal with the millions of seedlings…
  11. Clip evergreen box and yew balls/hedges,
  12. Choose a dry day to reduce the spread of spores – Box Blight is now a big problem, it is a fungus so plants need good air circulation.
  13. Once clipped apply a systemic fungicide and fertilizer – Both work really well together.
  14. Cuttings – now is a good time to do this and rosemary is a good option



Transplant strawberry runners to new homes

Check and remove any diseased fruit before it affects others

Support the heavy laden Plum branches



Do this in the morning as they will keep better

Rich pickings of salad, herbs, carrots and beetroot

Peas and beans have gone mad with all the rain and are growing before my eyes, the flowers are edible as well.

Courgettes are full steam ahead along with the cucumbers and tomatoes

Pick, preserve or juice elderberries, they should not be eaten raw and make a great juice.

Herbs are now in flower and need picking and drying to make great oils and vinegars.



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