12th August 2017

My best ever Raspberry Jam


Raspberry jam is really easy so don’t be put off and have a go, my kids love it.

Sterilise your jam jars then heat up 500g of raspberries in a heavy-based pan and gently cook until the juices run and the fruit is bubbling.

Stir in 500g of sugar (it has been suggested in most recipes equal quantities of both but I tried halving to ¾ the amount of sugar to still coming out with a good set) so have fun and experiment.

Now bring everything to a boil and continue for at least 10mins.

Spoon a small quantity on to a saucer (which has been in the freezer from the beginning) and if when pushing the jam with your finger creates a wrinkle then it is ready.

Take of the heat. Jar up and label.     Enjoy!



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