1st November 2017

November, the month for Fires, Feasting & Marshmallows!

Autumn is here and its time for fires, feasting and marshmallows. I think it is perhaps the busiest time in my garden, between planting new plants, sorting out the veg patch, and gradually tidying up the most annoying and tatty plants in the garden before the weather changes and becomes to freezing for fingers.


Its not too late! but it is the last chance to plant bulbs.  Find a pot and go crazy with tulips, crocus and daffodils or go for a great collection of alliums.  Plant in drifts or clumps!

Plant now the soft fruit bushes and fruit trees,  Sow sweet peas and cornflowers for next year and store in a cold frame.

Collect seeds from Cosmos, redbeckias and sunflowers and store in a cool dry place.


Plant strawberry runners now in a sunny spot on a mound of well manured soil.

Last chance to sow any green manure or dig in and rake over a well manured patch.  I like then to cover it with a thick black membrane weighed down with bricks so weeds are suppressed but will also warm the soil up for next year.

Compost – Autumn leaves are a valuable material, leaf mould rivals peat in its ability to retain moisture and helps with drainage.  Only disadvantage of using leaves alone is that you need a large amount to produce any quantity. Instead leaves can be added to your compost bin, together with straw, paper as well as grass, plant clippings, vegetable scraps, tea bags and coffee grounds.  Delicious and will take between 3mths to a year, turning every month to give you something quite wonderful in the end.


Enjoy just eating the wonderful produce or roasting the chestnuts over a hot fire.  Make a Autumn Wreath, add leaves and berries anything seasonal to a collection of candles or one single one.

Give a bouquet with colours of autumn.  Combine with berries and leaves from your garden – rose hips and ‘Nandina domestica’ foliage, pop in some shope brought tupils or roses.  Secure with a tie.


This month there are a few trees, shrubs & grasses that just look amazing here are a few listed.

Euonymus europaeus ‘Red Cascade’  – Known as a a European red Spindle tree, Grows  to 3meters tall, has wonderful autumn red leaf colour with berries of oranges & pink.

skinny tree1

Cercis Canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ – A small tree with incredible heart shaped which turn dark red-purple in autumn, can grow to 10meters in sun/dappled shade.

Forest Pansy tree

Parthenocissus Quinquefolia- A climber which clings to walls and fences with suckers and in autumn, turns brilliant shades of red. Grows to 15meters.


Sedum – Hylotelephoium ‘Herbstfreude’ – a great working plant which goes from lime greens in summer long lasting deep reds.  Grows in a sunny position to a height of 60cm.

Hydranger Paniculata ‘ Limelight’ – a stunning shrub which grows in to 1.5m and flowers  go from lime greens to ivory.  Can grow in sun/shade.


These are my favourite thing and they just look stunning, heres a few of my top picks

Pennisetum Hameln – Has great autumn colour with good heads, grow in a sunny spot, 60-90cm tall and is deciduous

Panicum Hanse Herms – This grass takes on the red tones of autumn with delicate seed heads.  Grows well in a sunny spot to a height of 90-1.2m . Grow on mass.

Dechampsia ‘Goldtau’ – This grass is mass of green leaves at 30cm tall then sends up golden seed heads to a height of 50-80cm.  Grows in sun/partial shade.


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