2nd October 2018

October Gardening Tips


Glorious October is a riot of colour from the main photo of Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia), Hawthorn berries, rose-hips to the stunning fiery reds of Acers (Acer Palmatium), Amelanchier Lamarckii, with Calamagrostis behind and the bright Parrotia Persica.  If not then add a little something to brighten up your autumn.

Acer PalmatiumAmelanchier & calamagrostisParrotia Persica1

This is also the month where the light is magical, lower and golden capturing seed heads and grasses at their best, so they are worthy of a place in any garden.

Pennisetum a. ‘Hameln’ is a firm favourite, while a new bank of Molinia c. Edith Dudszuz  is going to look even better in mid winter.   But Miscanthus Sinsus Gracillimus takes centre stage with great purple autumn plumes.

PennesitiumA bank of Molina Edith daustMiscanthus

Or why not try something a little quirky… maybe ‘The Cow’, Gilbert Whyman has uniquely welded steel from recycled car parts and metal trowels for ears.

The Cow

Now is also the time to look at the gaps in the planting, take a photo to remind your self where everything is and have a think.


Order your spring bulbs –  now is the time to plant Allium bulbs, and there is a huge variety available.

Allium ‘Purple rain’ is my favourite as its slightly longer flowering than Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ which is also great followed by Allium Mt Everest standing 1.2met.  All flower April-June and plant in a sunny well drained spot.  Order Now.

Allium Purp SensAllium Purple sensatAllium Mt Everest

Last chance to plant garden centre perennials which are on sale now at half the price, but warm weather is key!

Give Evergreen hedges their final trim


Continue ripening tomatoes which are refusing to perform on a nice warm widow sill or try this months ‘Green Tomato Chutney’.

Plant your garlic bulbs if not already see last months article!

Continue clearing beds as veg finish, adding manure ready for digging in and leaving to over winter.

Harvest squash and pumpkins before the first frost or they will go to mush.

Rhubarb can be divided if congested or just not growing well.  Dig up and split into pieces then replant.

The herb garden is just about over so collect the seeds from Corriander and dry, the mint is useful chopped and frozen.  The Rosemary is great for memory, so keep making lovely teas or come on one of our wonderful workshops to make use of all these lovely goodies.   Take home a ‘orange scrub and hand cream’ or get ready for Christmas and book a Special Treats Workshop.  Something for every one to enjoy!