1st October 2017

October for fires and feasting

Hi autumn is now in full swing with a great smell of wood smoke and a golden glow of grasses with punctuation marks of oranges and reds from Acers and cherry trees.  

Now is the time to take stock of your garden for next spring – chop, clean, dig, oil and the list goes on …


This is the best month for planting bare-root peonies or dividing or moving.    Plant 2in below the soil and wait with great expectations

Prepare the soil for planting bare-root fruit trees and order bare-root roses.

Now is a good time to plant ornamental trees and shrubs, hedges and clematis as it’s still slightly warm so roots can establish before winter.

Cut back perennial plants that have died down or leave the dead foliage in place for wildlife to over winter in.

Glorious dahlias need protecting 

After tidying boarders its a good time to add mulch in the form of well rotted manure/spent mushroom compost/leaf mould,  and then I add old straw which reduces weeds but also gives your plants a good start for the following spring.


Apple and pears are in abundance  so now is the time to make my fab chutney….  see recipes for this month and enjoy.

If you have a problem with your apples tree spring flowers being shredded, now is the time to wrap glue bands around your apple trees as this prevents the female moth laying eggs and ruining your crop.

Now is also a good time to plant your new fruit trees


Remove all plants which have finished cropping leaving beans and peas roots in the soil as nitrogen is released as the roots break down.

Prepare now a trench for Next years Beans so over the month you can keep adding kitchen waste to it then cover at the end of the month. (a good 2feet deep)

Now is a good time to sow green manure as it stops weeds and puts back valuable nutrients into the soil.  Leave till spring and dig back into the soil ready for planting next year or mulch your veg boarder and cover till spring.

Harvest Squash and pumpkins before the First Frost

Green tomatoes – if not rip hang upside down indoors or make green tomato chutney!

Plant Autumn Garlic Bulbs in a sunny spot



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