1st August 2018


RHUBARB GIN – the popularity of gin at the moment is huge and why not have a go.  Grow a few aromatic plants and you have the ingredients to conjure up your own wonderfully decadent G&T with a twist.

Herbs can be grown (basil, mint & coriander), berries (raspberries, blueberries & blackberries) picked and fruit and veg (cucumbers & rhubarb) can be flavours that effortlessly elevate your standard gin into something more delicious.


All you need –

A sterilised Jar with sealable lid (kilner)

An Economy Gin (Oliver Cromwell is great) 700ml

Sugar – 100g

Rhubarb 250g

Place the Rhubarb and sugar in a pot over a low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved – very slowly.

Then once cooled add the rhubarb/ sugar mix to the jar along with the gin, seal and shake.

Leave in a cool dark place for 4 weeks occasionally shaking.

Finally strain and add to your sterilised bottle, label and enjoy.

Serve your delicious pink gin over ice with tonic or use as a base for cocktails, perfect on a summers day.

You could also try making a ‘Raspberry gin’ with a little less sugar or a ‘Cucumber & Mint Gin’ or even add 1/3 ratio with prosecco and garnished with fresh raspberries.


Rhubarb gin2Rhubarb Gin1Rhubarb Gin3