29th April 2018

Spring Nettle & Wild Garlic Soup

Spring Nettle & Garlic Soup

A girlfriend recommended this to me as I was sneezing madly from Hay fever and I think it helped!  But also because there are a huge number of benefits from Stinging Nettles – A great source of iron, as well as Vitamin B and C, an , diuretic, laxative, an anti-inflammatory and a antihistamine.   Added to this mix is Wild Garlic which is also fantastic for you and is growing abundantly everywhere at the moment and easily foraged.   So go forth with your rubber gloves and go picking!

This soup serves 6

You will need

x1 Carrier bag full of nettles (young leaves)

55 g butter

1 Large or 2 medium onions finally sliced

2 Celery sticks chopped

1 small Leek

1 small Celeriac (about 350g peeled weight) cut into cubes

1 large garlic clove, crushed

1 litre of good-quality chicken (or vegetable) stock

Salt and ground black pepper

1 pinch freshly grated nutmeg (optional)

3 tbsp cooked rice

2 tbsp wild garlic leaves, chopped

To Garnish – a little cream or creme fraiche

2-3 tbsp wild garlic leaves, finely chopped


Pick over the nettles and wash them well.  Discard only the tougher stalks because the soup will be liquidised.

Melt the butter in a large pan and sweat the onion, celery, leek, celeriac and garli, until soft and brown – about 10-15minutes.

Now add the stock and pile in the nettles, pushing them down to submerge.  Bring to the boil and simmer, partially covered for 5-10 minutes until the nettles are tender.

Season with salt and pepper and nutmeg.

Puree the soup in a liquidiser along with the cooked rice.  Return the pureed soup to the pan, stir in the wild garlic leaves and reheat, but do not let it BOIL.

Check the seasoning, then serve, garnishing each bowl wit ha swirl of cream and a generious sprinkle of chopped wild garlic leaves.   Enjoy……..

Other great things you can do with Wild Garlic is to make ‘Foraged Greens Pesto’ .  Enquire for the reciepe or come on our Spring Detox Workshop!


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