AUTUMN ALLIUM BULB OFFER!AUTUMN ALLIUM BULB OFFER!Beautiful Allium bulbs are now available to order ready for planting in October & November.Top quality and stunning in any garden.  Plant in large numbers on well drained soil, your spring display will look amazing plus bees love them.Allium 'Purple Sensation'    NOW- £10.00 for 25 BulbsThe best all round garden and flower arranging allium. 'Purple Sensation' starts to flower after the tulips in mid-May to June.I'll pick flowers and then beautiful green bead-like seed heads until the end of July an

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January Top Garden Tips

JANUARY TOP GARDEN TIPS This month in the Garden we are expecting snow so bater down the hatches and protect plants and trees which you think might be in trouble.  But it is definitely a little chilly with crispy frosts and blue days days accompanied by a dash into the garden to nab a bay leaf for the Beef Bourgeon or sweeping the straw kicked about by the birds in search of the ever evading worm.  But in the garden I did discover green tip emerging and a splash of colour coming through the straw, so spring is coming yahooo, well sort of.  So feed the birds, recycle your Christmas tree and

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October Gardening Tips

OCTOBER GARDENING TIPSGlorious October is a riot of colour from the main photo of Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia), Hawthorn berries, rose-hips to the stunning fiery reds of Acers (Acer Palmatium), Amelanchier Lamarckii, with Calamagrostis behind and the bright Parrotia Persica.  If not then add a little something to brighten up your autumn.This is also the month where the light is magical, lower and golden capturing seed heads and grasses at their best, so they are worthy of a place in any garden.Pennisetum a. 'Hameln' is a firm favourite, while a new bank of Mo

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