Marvellous May Gardening Tips.  This is a wonderful month where everything in the garden looks great,  everything looks neat and tidy with glorious green mounds of potential showing signs of what truly is about to explode in the coming months.The cherry blossoms are at their best but are short lived, but I do have my favourites -  The white flowering 'Prunus Umineko' is great, closely followed by 'Prunus x Yedoensis' with pale pink/white flowers.  If you want something truly big and impressive, there is the Great White Cheery, 'Prunus Tai-haku with dazzling white flowers.  Or if more

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COMFREY – The amazing Liquid Fertiliser

COMFREYComfrey is a wonderful plant that is a must have for any keen gardener.  It makes an amazing Liquid Fertiliser, slightly stinky, but also makes a great compost and potting mix.The leaves contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium,  all the things needed for growing plants (the Russian Comfry 'Bocking 14' has an even higher nutrient content)  Great for tomatoes and cucumbers plus hungry flowering plants.WHERE to growSite carefully as will grow for 20yrs or more and is vigorous Grows anywhere but prefers sun and good soil, good for shady difficult areas aswell A

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