Spring Showers!

SPRING SHOWERS! The garden is a little soggy to say the least but there is hope as the remaining snow drops are still blooming and glorious yellow bobbing heads of daffodils are battling the storms.   What makes this time of year truly beautiful I think, are the stunning blossoms of Magnolias.  In the Garden everything has started to grow. The soil has warmed, and the fluorescent spring green tips are emerging as plant leaves explode.  This is the month where you can sow everywhere: indoors, outdoors, in pots and on balconies …. the growing year in the Garden has officially opened. DES

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Marvellous May Gardening Tips.  This is a wonderful month where everything in the garden looks great,  everything looks neat and tidy with glorious green mounds of potential showing signs of what truly is about to explode in the coming months.The cherry blossoms are at their best but are short lived, but I do have my favourites -  The white flowering 'Prunus Umineko' is great, closely followed by 'Prunus x Yedoensis' with pale pink/white flowers.  If you want something truly big and impressive, there is the Great White Cheery, 'Prunus Tai-haku with dazzling white flowers.  Or if more

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Fabulous Freezing February

February brings sun, snow and freezing temperatures but in amongst all this, is a fabulous splash of white peeking through the leaves from snow drops, and a piercing purple of a cyclamen under the magnolia tree, Spring has sprung.  The garden may lack its summer charm but now the true bones of the garden are revealed.  The shapes and silhouettes form wonderful structures which echoes a good design.   So if structure is lacking whether it be a bean pole or a section of rough grass with bulbs or a neatly clipped hedge these things can be added along with textural interest from foliage like

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January – this months garden tips & treats

January - Monthly Garden Tips & TreatsThis month in the Garden it is a little chilly with crispy frosts or grey days, but there is always a wonderful moment when a green tip emerges and a splash of colour shines through, so feed the birds, recycle your Christmas tree and enjoy not doing any jobs, there are plenty of excuses not too!! or you could do...JOBS TO DO Plan your new boarder or dream garden... Continue planting trees and shrubs, but not if it is freezing, no body likes frozen feet!!! Check everything is still standing and tie in any stray branches or add supports. In

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