A Classic Garden 

This beautiful garden resulted from a  combination of factors such as stone, location, history and the client brief.

This fabulous old rectory is a family home with has a rich history and impressive views.  It has also been totally modernised.  So to balance the house with landscaping I gently integrated paths and paving of similar materials to the house, and keeping in scale brought the house into the countryside.

Through the use of large paving slabs in a formal layout a new rear terrace has been created and transformed the lawn into a fantastic outside alfresco area.  A formal Box Parterre with Bay trees lines up with the windows leading from the terrace to the river.

Up-lighting around the terrace and feature trees has created an ambiance with Lavender planting lining the paths around the house.

Modern furniture and impressive pots compliment the move from inside to out.

Lush planting consists of golds, greys and vibrant colours which mirror the classic interior of the rectory, but with a modern twist.

A metal pergola has been design similar to fixings in the house, but not yet to be commissioned.

Devon – 2016


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